Inkademy writing workshops are a great way to improve your craft and gain the confidence you need. The courses are available online and feature tested, writer-approved curricula, taught by a certified teacher. They are designed to be completed at your own pace, come complete with access to a critique community, and the best part, they fit into almost any budget.


In the future, we plan to roll out workshops covering many topics, ranging from dialogue craft to self-publishing to marketing, but the first course we are offering is a simple structure and plotting workshop called Some Assembly Required.

If you’re interested in being part of our flagship class, click the link below to sign up!

Course #1: Some Assembly Required

a plotting workshop

This course will cover story structure, word count goals and estimates, key scenes, character arcs, and emotional arcs, all while helping you create a *Super Spreadsheet* that can serve as an outline, progress tracker, and sanity saver. Sign up using the link above.

Meet the teacher: Rebekka S. Leber

Bekki is a certified english and history teacher with over a decade of creative writing experience. She is one of the three founders of IndiePen Ink and has been a host on the Drinkshares: Last Call and Drink Ink web shows.