Welcome to the Research-a-Torium

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

—Walt Disney

If you find yourself here, we suspect that you, like our dear friend Walt, are someone with a curious mind. Perhaps you have always been a seeker after truth, someone who finished school and never wanted to stop learning. Maybe you have come here because of a story you are trying to tell, and you could use guidance on how best to tell it. Whatever has brought you to our door, we’re glad you’re here, and we at IndiePen Ink wish to warmly welcome you to the Research-a-Torium.


The Research-a-Torium seeks to be many things. For one, we hope to serve as the first stepping stone into the world of writing research for those of you for whom this experience is entirely new. It’s for the people who’ve not set foot in a library since they were kids, or who have grown tired of google searching that too often leads to cat videos on BuzzFeed. And for those of you that may be well versed in how to research, we look forward to being a hub of information that sends you sojourning off in the right direction to find what you need. We even offer online writing courses through the Inkademy, in areas ranging from plot development, to characterization, to dialogue craft, and worldbuilding.


To start exploring all the Research-a-Torium has to offer, here’s where to start…

Click below to enter the Research-a-torium lobby and begin your adventure, and always rememberwhen in doubt, ask a librarian!